The Historically Black College and University experience expands education beyond the teaching of westernized textbooks, approaching each subject from the African Diasporic perspective. The strong sense of self, combined with the communities that are developed in the process are vital to strengthening the collaboration of artistic cohorts in the world's most prestigious Master of Fine Arts programs.

With your help, we can make higher education more accessible to artists of African descent and ensure the diversification of top-quality entertainment thereafter. The Zuri Adele Fellowship for HBCU Alumni currently exists at UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television, with a promise to expand to several universities. Thank you in advance for your support.  


Passionate about making the practice and benefits of yoga accessible to people of color, Zuri Adele and Danielle LeNoir have decided to embark upon the Modo Yoga Teacher training, while fundraising for a continued scholarship for more teachers of color to follow in their footsteps. In the United States, out of 124 Modo Yoga instructors, only 14 of those instructors are people of color. The numbers are even more scarce in the 60+ Moksha studios in Canada.With your help, Zuri and Danielle are establishing the company's first diversity scholarship, a first of many steps in fostering more tolerance, compassion, empowerment, negative stereotype erasure, and community healing on and off the mat. Thank you in advance for your support. Stay tuned for classes, special workshops, and global retreats!