If it ain't Taksu, I don't want it.

                             Bali, Indonesia 2014 A.D.

                             Bali, Indonesia 2014 A.D.

“Taksu” is a word I fell in love with during a theater workshop experience in Bali, entitled Bali Taksu (humans, get your life, and take this workshop. It will transform you). The word is best described as the moment when the artist and God collide.

In Bali, performances are offered to God (welcomed to our individual understandings of the "G" word), rather than performed for the applause of people. This required the humility to cast out all pride and surrender to the present moment in each conversation, nuanced movement, and resulting emotion, and to do so with every ounce of energy we could find. 

We are all artists. Each of us has a gift, and we all have the strength and potential to pour that gift into the world. In full surrender to the source of one’s gift, one becomes a present host for God to work. The presence and energy are undeniable, and can only be explained in the spiritual realm. You may experience an incredible meal, witness a miraculous surgery, or be shaken to your core by an acting performance that you forget is scripted.

Athletes and performing artists of the Western world often refer to this as being in "the zone.” In Bali, I would hear, “there was Taksu in the food,” or that the performer or surgeon “went into Taksu.” Patsy Rodenberg scholars refer to this as The Second Circle (Y'all. Read this book. It has enhanced the way I approach every encounter in my life). 

When in Taksu, we are not dimming or watering down who we are to accommodate others. Nor are we forcing or performing what we think our energy should be into the spaces we inhabit. Instead, we are looking for that spiritual sweet-spot full of presence.

This energy and presence exists in everyone, and we all have the power to tap into it.

I have been on a mission to search for Taksu in each of my encounters. Every bite I take is to indulge in the flavors of the food, rather than simply curb my hunger or entertain small talk. I began basking in self-care and quality time with myself, and dating people on a spirit-led basis, rather than out of desperation not to be lonely, to please someone else, or to find my lifelong partner. With open arms, I am inviting the collision of the spiritual and the natural, and enthusiastically waiting on “the feeling,” ready to launch and give it my all at every moment. 

Searching for Taksu requires the patience and bravery to wait on and speak up for my ideal outcome in each encounter. It requires the faith to continue forward movement along my dream career path, and an unwavering belief in delayed gratification. It requires the self-love necessary to see myself through my creator’s eyes, settling for nothing less than the love I deserve, and the vulnerability to give my purpose everything I've got, over and over again. Taksu is knowing that something is beautiful and still knowing that it is not for me. Taksu is alignment. Taksu is the path of least resistance. If it ain’t Taksu, I don’t want it. 


Source: www.zuriadele.com/searchingfortaksu